Do you think fading surfaces are bringing down the aesthetics of your property? If yes, avail of our staining service today.

As a property owner, you may pay close attention to fading or peeling walls and ceilings but might ignore fences, furniture and doors. But they can make or break the look of your residential or commercial space. So, hire our experts and make sure each element of your property remains in a great condition, year long. Opt for our staining service for cost-effectively reviving your window sills and doors and deal with rust formation, the expert way.

We will:

  • Clean the surfaces of any dirt and grime for excellent adhesion.
  • Sand and wipe the surface for a smooth finish.
  • Apply a coat of gel stain for increased coverage.
  • Create a stained effect using a foam brush.

We undertake each stage of the staining process with utmost care and precision. We leave no room for errors and help create the desired effect. To learn more about our staining services and to determine if it’s the right pick for you, connect with our experts at Sunny Days today.

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